PDF conversion is something that most professionals get to use. However, its advisable to get a PDF converting software that is worth your time and money. Reason being, some PDF conversion software won’t be capable of providing you with the best experience. Looking through the features either won’t be a guarantee that you get the best software. We have therefore taken it upon us to provide you with a solution as to some of the best Windows (Full license included)

Foxit Phantom PDF

If you prefer having more documents open at once, Foxit is the software for you. This allows you to have multiple tabs open at a given time. Besides having the documents open, you also attain a software that’s capable of editing PDFs as well. As an everyday user, you’ll love Foxit Phantom. The simple user interface allows you to read and edit PDFs easily.

More so, if you’re a Windows user, the UI is similar to that of Windows 8. Therefore, there’s no problem getting to learn how to use the software. Reading password protected documents has never been easier. Foxit allows you to also add passwords to any PDFs that you’d want to be locked. You also can draw a signature on all the documents.

If you love editing PDF documents, you’re in luck. Foxit allows you to make the content as unique as possible. You can add annotations, and alter or delete any formatting to your heart’s content.

  • Great UI
  • Additional PDF editing options
  • Poor Word output support

Icecream PDF Converter

There are numerous ways through which you can use a PDF. is one of the few apps that allows you to convert a PDF to any file type and also an image. To commence the process, all you need to do is select the conversion type (From PDF or To PDF.) After this, drag the file you want in the program, and you’re good to go.

If you have the files in a queue, you can easily remove or add new ones. Through this, you won’t have to worry about starting the entire process again. With the multiple profiles available, you can apply a general setting. One which you always can get to use with the software depending on the type of conversion that you’ll be conducting.

When converting PDF, you’re also able to pick the output folder. So doing allows you to group all the work you get to do. And with this, you won’t have a difficult time trying to figure out where all the PDF documents are stored.

  • Simple interface
  • Easy to edit PDF documents
  • Limited features


Nitro Pro

Are you looking for value for your money? is the PDF editor for you. When you’re looking for the best PDF software that’s business-ready, Nitro has you sorted. Nitro allows you to have control over your content, meaning that you can edit (add or remove) content, have annotations, set permissions and have password protection on your PDF documents.

One downside to using Nitro is that it doesn’t handle many file formats. However, if you’re using the basic formats, you shouldn’t be worried. Nitro has toolbar integration, something that allows you to create PDFs directly from the Microsoft Office. More so, you can export these PDFs to other Office apps like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Besides editing, you also can convert other files like messages, folders, and attachments into PDFs using the plugin.

  • Easy user interface
  • Comprehensive features
  • Cloud integration
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app


DeskPDF Studio XE


Sharing PDFs has never been easier. DeskPDF provides you with a professional tool that you can not only share but edit, convert, sign and create PDF documents. The current update to the software has a better look combined with a turbo-charged performance. This allows you to have a great experience when creating PDF documents. Besides, DeskPDF provides you with the ultimate paperless solution.

The editing features are unlike most that we’ve seen in other software. DeskPDF provides you with the ease of signing documents with one click. More so, you can add sticky notes, highlights or cross-out texts to your documents to make it unique. Besides this, you also have a wide array of file formats which you can convert to or from.

You can rotate pages, crop them, adjust the sizes or even delete them entirely. DeskPDF supports professionals by adding an easy-to-use publish option.

  • Publishing features
  • Simple user interface
  • Multiple editing options
  • You need to access another website for uploads.


Wondershare PDF Converter


Are you looking for the best available PDF converting software for your PC? You should try Wondershare. It allows you to convert PDF documents into Excel, PowerPoint, ePub, text, images, and word documents. The only downside to all this is that you can’t convert either of those formats to PDF. The lack of PDF output might be the only thing that will sway you from using this software.

However, once you get past this, you can truly get to enjoy the software that is Wondershare PDF converter. If you regularly fill out forms, this PDF converter is your solution. Wondershare allows you to fill in any PDF forms electronically and have them printed. More so, when converting your files, you get to enjoy the easy interface with the quick response times.

Unlike most conversion software, you might have to wait for long durations when converting files. However, using Wondershare makes it easier for you to save on time due to the quick response.

  • Simple to use
  • Multiple input options
  • Quick response
  • Lack of backward compatibility


PDFMate PDF Converter


Nowadays, there are tons of PDF conversion software that you can choose from. However, PDFMate stands out due to its easy to use interface and quick conversion process. PDFMate has six conversion tools at your disposal. With this, you can edit PDF documents to your liking. The ability to run PDFMate across all Windows platforms beginning from Windows XP makes it more preferable for someone who uses any other Windows version besides Windows 10.

When looking for the best PDF converter, you need to find something that has well-labeled icons. This is precisely what PDFMate provides you with. It has an immense and colorful interface. One that makes it easier for you to use with the step-by-step process that’s available after installing the software. More so, you can customize specific settings for your preferred output options, which means that you don’t need to set a profile every time you want to use PDFMate.

If you want support for ePub files, PDFMate has it. The software enables you to convert PDF documents to any Microsoft Office output, be it PowerPoint, Word, Excel, amongst others.

  • Colorful and immersing experience
  • Easy to use
  • You can set up profiles
  • The free version has a nag screen.


WPS PDF Converter


In every software you consider, you need to ensure that you can find one that’s ideal for you. With WPS, you get exactly what you need. The interface is simple to use, meaning that you won’t have a tough time dragging and dropping files where you need them. More so, you also have a submit button. One that’s useful when editing your work, thus being able to adjust it to your liking. The main window allows you to select all the file formats that you might like. That is, you’re able to view all your local documents and choose the ones which you’d like to convert.

More so, you should know that WPS also supports bulk conversions, which means that you don’t have to convert files one at a time. This will save you time and make it easier to convert multiple files. Such a feature is essential for professionals always have a huge workload. Converting files in bulk ensures that work is easier. With the fast conversion process, you won’t even have to wait for long.

Besides, you have the power to lock, edit, delete or allow users to all the documents you convert. Such power ensures that no one who’s not authorized will have access to the documents.

  • Simple UI
  • Bulk conversion
  • Quick transform
  • Available in English only

TalkHelper PDF Converter


Unlike most PDF conversion software, TalkHelper allows you to have some personalized settings. That is, you can have profiles to different output formats when converting PDF documents. These settings are easy to find and change. More so, saving them is simple due to the incredible user interface. Changing between these profiles ensures that you can decide as to the ways that you’d like to convert a PDF.

More so, TalkHelper is one of the few software that provides incredible help and support. If you encounter any unforeseen errors, you can contact the online team for support. Since they’re available 24/7, you won’t have to worry about losing any documents. Besides, you can easily publish the work that you’ve converted online. With just a single click, you get to have the ability to customize your work and sharing it with multiple people.

Finally, bulk conversion is another perk of using TalkHelper. You’re able to convert multiple PDF files at once.

  • Bulk conversion
  • Incredible support team
  • Incredible UI
  • Lacks eBook support