In this new error of technology, the interaction between PDFs and Word documents has increased immensely. This is as a result of going electronic in all paperwork. However, with this kind of technology being embraced, there have been a few challenges.

Mentioning the need to edit and convert our PDF files into Word documents as a significant blow in working with electric paperwork, is the main reason for this article. This documents also need the best converting software that will not only save on time and resources but also ensure work yielded is of high quality. Here is the list of the very best converting programs in the market.



This converting software is indeed skeptical, and a hero just like it is mentioned and a more in-depth look into it will reveal why. First things first, even before addressing any other feature about this good converting program is that it comes with both the downloadable application and the web based service provider.

Unlike much other software that converts PDFs to editable Word documents with either one of its version, PDF Hero allows its users to save documents both offline or via the website. To show how ready it is to serve, the program does not limit the number of files to be converted. Something that too many users are incredible as it is hardly experienced with other applications.

It also compresses data to save on your disk’s space, a feature that not many people have embraced but will be of great importance in the coming recent years.

Good Part:

The PDF Hero Converter has a lot to offer, and it is a lightweight application and a high-speed web application, on the other hand, is a plus.



The reason why this top-notch converting software has gained recognition in the field of converting PDF files into Microsoft Word documents is because of its first appearance as the pioneer converting tool. Other than that, it has a set of editing tools that perform beyond expectations.

Among them is the cloud feature that gives the option of working files together and connects with users from different locations. This offers a platform where users can modify and also transfer created PDF files with security being maintained.

That one other feature that makes the Adobe PDF Converter stand high above all other converters is that it also has this sleek interface that makes the task of PDF to Word conversion even more relaxed.

Good Part:

In either case, that is, both business or personal use the user can rest assured that the software delivers. Not only does it provide but in full scale and without any hassle.



Just as the name suggests, the Solid PDF Converter is a top converting program that performs any task thrown to it as by the users’ command. Given a try it shows what kind of potential it portrays and talking about delivery, the program is in a class of its own. The converted Microsoft Word documents yielded are of the best quality, and any user can attest to that.

Looking at its design, the interface is sleek and smooth making the whole process of conversion easy and even entertaining. The simplicity makes it easy to know where to get what reducing the learning curve and adaptation.

The software brings the feature of multiple file conversion also known as file merging thus saves on time.

Good Part:

The free version comes with watermarks and so to avoid this, any user should ready to bag a price of 39.95 to 80 US dollars. The Solid PDF Converter is a master in the field of converting PDFs to editable documents.



Amongst Android smartphone users, this is one of the most highly profiled converters and the reason why it is popular is that the great work it performs. The software has even been upgraded to have it running as a converting software.

The need for editing our Word documents is an experience that every person that uses PDFs or word documents to encounters every day. At this point the presence of an excellent converting program such as the WPS PDF Converter. It has exciting features including the drag and drop technique of adding files.

This makes adding data easier as it is familiarised with the adding of records just like those in our Gmail account. Although it is focused on Word documents, it can also convert to other formats within the Word range.

Good Part:

The reason why anyone should trust the WPS PDf Converter is that it has been around for as long as I can remember and the performance has been excellent.



The TalkHelper PDF Converter brings the exact version of efficiency in its expected task of converting PDF files to Word documents. It is indeed a sophisticated software that produces high quality work, especially when aiming to convert your PDF files into Word documents.

As a matter of fact, its default is set to Word and saves you the hassle of setting things every now and then for conversion. A. close test of the conversion process showed the reason why the TalkHelper PDF Converter is ranked among the best in the market right now.

After conversion, the pictures, font, texts, and formatting to mention just but a few, are not altered for any reason whatsoever.

Good Part:

This program is straightforward to use software and super efficient for that matter. Its experience is in a whole new level as you convert your files into editable Word docs.



Just as implied by the name of the program, the Free Online OCR is a web based  PDF converter that has brought the Optical Character Recognition into work by scanning documents and uploading them for conversion.

The OCR helps in detecting the texts in an image that needs to be converted, saving a robust time that would have been wasted in retyping. Yet another feature that I fancy a lot about this top converting software is that unlike many online web based service provider that sends all your conversions to your email account, the Free Online OCR sends you a link from where you can download your high quality conversions.

For frequent, travelers the program has got you covered as you can do all those PDF to word conversions even on the go. The only requirement is to have copies of the scanned documents in your device.

Good Part:

Considering that any user can use it at a go via any of their devices is a feature that gives a plus to this unique online software.


The UNIPDF to Word Converter is a reliable program that comes in two versions, the paid version, and the free trial version. Giving a try on the free trial version, you will notice that their is a hindrance in the number of files to be converted to Microsoft Word documents at a time. It limits any user to only three records.

However, it can also be upgraded to suit its clients’ needs. The most essential feature that makes it stand out is that it ensures everything is contained and nothing changes whatsoever. All the images, background color, and edges are not altered.

Good Part:

Having an excellent PDF to word converting program is not as easy to find, but what more would you ask of when the UNIPDF to Word Converter strikes a balance in both high converting speed and excellent output yield.



The PDF2WORD is a dynamic and in a class of its own when it comes to efficiency when converting your PDF files into doc files. It has all the capabilities that a top converting software needs to have and performs all your individual requirements with ease.

It also gives its users the option of uploading their documents and performs all the required conversions via a website rather than having to download the app. It also supports the drag and drop feature to ease the process of file adding. It also allows converting PDF files to Docx one at a time or multiple of them at a go.

Good Part:

Despite the program having some pullbacks, the task it performs is up to the game, and for no reason whatsoever it will not pull any duty thrown to it. Talk of reliability and PDF2WORD hits you as the first choice.



The software is a leading PDF to doc converter that cannot be paralleled with any other converting tool in the current market because of its wide range of feature advantages.

If it is all about reliability, the Nitro PDF Converter delivers even beyond the users’ expectations. It also comes as two different kinds of versions, the online and the PC version. The online version doesn’t need to be paid for, but it has its limitations.

Take for example it can only convert a maximum of five files in a month. This, however, doesn’t rip points out of this top program as it is still of advantage for not so heavy users.

Good Part:

The NitroPDF Converter is a different converting tool that brings almost everything single-handedly in one converting tool.



Small PDF Converter is a clear definition of simplicity. Even from your first look navigation is always easy. The icons just indicate what will do what once it applied.

Apart from converting PDF files into editable Word documents, it can also merge files and perform advanced editing to mention just a few of the functions that it presents. It also saves you the stress of having to sign in or register to enjoy these effective services.

Good Part:

The converting tool has been crafted to perform your conversions with ease flawlessly, and that is evident from its interface.