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  iMacLinux Edition Wednesday, 04 June 2003  

Compatible Accessories


This page lists thoseaccessories that are known to work on PowerPC Linux. Included are references to related Guides & Howtos and other sources of documentation. Many of these devices are plug and play, if you have the right drivers compiled into your kernel -- see the notes below.

Apple Desktop Bus Devices


  • Kensignton Orbit ADB - right and middle buttons reversed
  • MacAlley 2-Button Mouse - requires a recent Linux 2.2 or 2.4


  • Most Kensignton Models
  • Most MacAlley Models. May require special keymap.

Other Devices

Other misc. ADB devices are not supported.

Firewire Devices

Firewire support in Linux 2.4 is weak. You should check lists.linuxppc.org to see if any progress had been made getting Firewire devices (like DV Cameras, Hard Drives, and the alike working).

SCSI Devices

Hard Drives

  • Most Standard SCSI Hard Drives should work. See Below for info on addon Wide SCSI cards. Even a 15 year old LaCie SCSI drive will work(!!)


  • Most popular SCSI scanners are supported by PowerPC Linux. This includes almost all of them listed in Sane. Scanners tend to be troublesome SCSI devices, they do not always get along with certain Mac's SCSI cards or the SCSI driver used for those cards. See lists.linuxppc.org for details.


  • Linux doesn't support any SCSI Printers.

Internal Cards

Mezzoni (iMac Rev. A/B "Forbidden Bus") Cards

  • iProRaidTV / iProRaid SCSI
    • iProRaidTV - TV Functionality Works on iMac Rev A, B.
    • iProRaidSCSI - SCSI Funcationality Works on iMac Rev A, B.

PCI Cards

  • MAXpowr G4 - Untested, however should work.
  • Adaptec PCI SCSI Adapters (requires recompile with aic7xxx driver and Mac with free PCI slots):
    • Adaptec 2930 Ultra SCSI
    • Adaptec 2940 Ultra Wide SCSI
    • Adaptec 2940 Ultra2 Wide SCSI

Serial (Printer/Modem Port) Devices


  • All standard Hayes-compatible modems, that are hardware based should work. For example, the Global Village series of modems.
  • Geoport Telecom Adapter (built in Beige Mac Modem), Sagan ISDN Adapter and others are software based, and are unsupported under PowerPC Linux.


  • Most Apple Laserwriters - At least those which use Postscript, and connect to the printer port on Macs.
  • Epson Stylus 600, 800 - These printers work, but require a specfic serial port speed to set by stty tool. See here for details.
  • Apple Imagewriter II - If you set the port speed to 9600 noduplex using stty, and use the Apple Imagewriter II printfilter, you should be able to print postscript ;) to it.
  • Most Apple Stylewriters - Are based on Cannon engines, so they can be used under PowerPC Linux, if you know the equivalent type. See lppcfom.sourceforge.net for details.

USB Devices


Note: All USB Printers require 2.4's USB support and USB Printer Support!

  • Epson 740 - 1440 dpi. Ink Jet
  • Epson 760 - Note: Some people report troubles with this model.
  • Lexmark Optra E312 Laser USB Printer - Inexpensive USB Laser Printer, take note that this printer must be powered up on Boot for it work.
  • Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 810C - Works, However Not Extensively Tested
  • Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 970Cse - Double Sided Printing Doesn't Work Yet
  • Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 940C - Works, but must use older driver -- no offical HP one yet.

Mice and Trackballs

  • Kensington USB Mice and Trackballs:
    • Kensignton Orbit USB
    • Kensignton Mouse in a Box USB
    • Logitech USB Mice:
    • Logitech FirstMouse Wheel and Wheelmouse
    • Logitech Wingman Gaming Mouse
  • Microsoft USB Mice:
    • Microsoft Wheel Mouse
    • Microsoft Intellieye


  • Adesso USB Keyboards:
    • Adesso NU-Form USB
    • Adesso Tru-Form USB (USB Natural Keyboard)
  • Contour Designs UniMouse
  • Kensington USB Keyboard-in-a-Box
  • Microsoft USB Keyboards:
    • Natural
    • Natural pro
  • MacAlley Keyboards - Requires Special Keymap.

External Media

Note: All USB Storage Devices require 2.4's USB storage support!

  • Iomega USB Zip 250 - Requires USB Storage Module to be compiled into kernel.
  • Aiwa USB Tape Drive - Requires Extra Patches.
  • Imation LS120 USB SuperDisk - See this page for info.


Note: All of these Scanners require 2.4's USB support!

  • Umax Astra 1220U - "Works Perfectly" if you follow these guidelines when compiling in support.
  • Epson Perfection 1200U Photo - See these guidelines.
  • Acer Prisa 620U USB Scanner - Requires some sane patches, which you can get here.


Note: All of these Modem Devies require 2.4's USB modem support! Any USB modem using the ACB protocol standard should work, see LinuxUSB.org for details on how to set it up.

  • Zoom V90 USB Faxmodem - Use the acm USB modem driver.
  • Diamond Supraexpress 56k USB Modem (SUP2780) - Should work without problems, if you have the acb driver and the USB backport installed. Some users report problems booting with it plugged in on Linux x86, however a PPC Linux user reports no such problems.
  • 3Com OfficeConnect 56k Business Modem - Appears to work, however extensive testing has not been done with this modem.

Other Devices

Note: All of these Misc. Devices require 2.4's generic USB support and possibly other drivers to be built into the kernel!

  • Ezcam USB Webcam - Requires cpia_usb Module to be compiled into kernel.
  • Keyspan USB PDA - USB to Serial Adapter, works with many devices including PalmConnect Serial
  • Griffen iMate USB to ADB Adapter - Has some issues, but works.
  • Roland MA-150 USB Speakers - Works, however requires 2.4 and USB audio support compiled in.
  • PowerPrint USB to Parallel - There are currently a few issues, please see this message.
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