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  iMacLinux Edition Tuesday, 24 June 2003  

TuxPPC - Search for "Linux"

Posted by John Buswell on Monday November 26th, 2001 11:51:07 PM
If you don't want to download the latest Linux distributions for the PowerPC, and you can't afford the fancy retail packs, there is an option! You can try good deals such as these on eBay, or try CheapBytes. Ideally, you should buy your favourite PowerPC distribution from the vendor at least once a year, to make sure they don't drop support or go out of business, after all, they do have to pay their developers!!
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Posted by Olivier Reisch on Thursday December 13th, 2001 04:08:11 AM
ext3 is a journalized filesystem built on top of ext2. What this means, is that we basically have a disk partition formatted in ext2, but on top of that, we add a journal, which records all the changes done to the disk. When a crash occurs, the disk can rapidly be repaired using the data stored in the journal. But the ext3 filesystem also brings some other improvements, such as a better overall performance and improved data integrity features.

If you consider switching your current Linux partitions to ext3, this HowTo is for you.

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Posted by John Buswell on Friday January 11th, 2002 08:11:22 AM
Linux Journal have a very cool article that looks at MacWorld from the perspective of a Linux user, you can find the article here.
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Posted by John Buswell on Friday February 15th, 2002 11:35:16 AM
There is a pretty good interview with Alan Cox, legendary Linux kernel hacker up on ITwales.com. Well worth a read. If you don't know where Wales is click here.
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Posted by Andreas Hundt on Sunday March 17th, 2002 03:00:21 PM
Today most of the linux software developers (maybe 99%) are using intel (or compatible) machines to create their software. Most of the developers simply do not have the opportunity to test their work on other architectures. If we want to use software by these people we might have to repair it first, so that it works on i386 and non-i386 architectures. This is what I do sometimes. Unfortunately it is very discouraging that if I fix something, nobody cares. The patches are ignored in most cases. That is why I created this page. It has become a place where I collect my patches.
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Posted by John Buswell on Sunday April 07th, 2002 05:57:34 PM
There is an article over at IBM's developers about deploying XFS. You can read the article by following this link. This article doesn't mention the fact that you can download ISO images with updated installers to do a ground up XFS installation. The article doesn't address what to do when things go wrong, for example, xfs-repair only works on unmounted filesystems and won't repair your root file system if you reboot and your root partition is an XFS partition, you are rebooting with a boot disk :)
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Posted by Olivier Reisch on Wednesday April 10th, 2002 04:52:25 PM
It looks like Gentoo Linux have made a PPC port of their distribution available. Gentoo Linux is a versatile and fast distribution geared towards developers and network professionals. Gentoo Linux features a powerful package management system called Portage which allows you to download, optimize, compile and install software with a single command and with automatic dependency resolution.

We will take a closer look at Gentoo Linux soon. Thanks to Lewis Neal for letting us know about the recent port.

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Posted by Olivier Reisch on Tuesday April 16th, 2002 04:11:25 AM
Vine Linux version 2.5 has been released. It comes in a packaged retail version for x86, PPC and Alpha and can also be downloaded. This Linux Distribution comes with an Integrated Japanese Environment and is consequently aimed at the Japanese market.
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Posted by Mark Guertin on Tuesday April 30th, 2002 12:33:59 PM
Extremetech.com has posted an excellent article (print format) with tips targetted at new Linux users (read newbies). Well worth the read if you fall into that category, and possibly still good even if you dont :^)
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Posted by Mark Guertin on Wednesday May 15th, 2002 11:20:27 AM

An Australian company has made a great poster that has made my day. After just receiving a very vague letter from M$ this morning which basically pleaded with me to buy 'Software Assurance' and 'Upgrade Advantage' packages to save money for future licensing, they post this great poster for all. I urge everyone to download and print this for their workplace!
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Posted by Mark Guertin on Friday May 31st, 2002 10:56:00 AM
From the article...."'Licensing per seat' perverts the GNU+Linux system into something that respects your freedom as much as Windows," Stallman said. "They cannot restrict the GPL-covered programs in the system that way, because that would violate the GNU GPL, but the system also contains non-copylefted programs which are points of vulnerability. Free software developers, please don't let them license YOUR program per seat. Use the GNU GPL!".
I have to agree with this assessment and was wondering about the implications of this project myself. RMS has laid it out point blank...this could get messy.
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Posted by Mark Guertin on Tuesday June 18th, 2002 10:46:02 AM
It seems that even our favorite computer animated dog is balking at the M$ way of things. Scooby, who was added after all the live action was shot, was generated using Linux machines. Read about it here
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Posted by Mark Guertin on Tuesday June 18th, 2002 10:55:08 AM
Greg Allan a.k.a. Adam_Baum, the lead core developer and one of the four founding members of the PostNuke CMS Development Project passed away from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The accident occurred June 16, 2002 near his home in Meaford, Ontario in Canada. The post can be read in further detail here.
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Posted by Mark Guertin on Friday June 21st, 2002 08:02:51 PM
LinuxLaboratory has posted the first part of an excellent introduction to Linux called The Linux Conversion Kit. This is Installment I: Investigating the Move. Anyone who has been wondering about Linux should definately give this series a read.
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Posted by Mark Guertin on Tuesday July 09th, 2002 11:57:10 AM
The new G3 based AmigaONE machine has been shown to run macOS via Mac On Linux. More details here.
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Posted by Mark Guertin on Wednesday July 10th, 2002 08:06:26 AM
LinuxWorld is running a great little feature that gives you a great rundown of the most popular window managers, including but not limited to Gnome and KDE. You can find the write up here.
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Posted by Mark Guertin on Wednesday July 10th, 2002 08:16:44 AM
IBM Developer Works is running a great tutorial on emacs (registration required but well worth it). You can find it here. I've always been a vi man myself, but who knows maybe this tutorial can even convert me :^)
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Posted by John Buswell on Thursday July 25th, 2002 10:44:42 AM
The folks over at PenguinPPC are reporting that Ben Herrenschmidt has Apple's Xserve booting and running Linux. Click more for details..
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Posted by John Buswell on Tuesday August 06th, 2002 05:29:18 PM
LinuxWorld Expo will feature speakers such as Sun CEO Scott McNealy, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who are scheduled to give keynote addresses. And to keep things interesting, longtime Linux basher Microsoft will have a booth at the show for the first time. With LinuxWorld's increased visibility and high-profile speakers and attendees, observers say the show is further proof that Linux has moved from the fringe to front and center in terms of enterprise IT strategy. Read more here.
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Posted by LinuxGuy on Tuesday August 27th, 2002 03:19:59 PM
QliTech Linux Computers, a Linux systems vendor based in Moline, Illinois
has announced the availability of Apple Systems running Linux.

They offer the following Apple Systems:
iBook / PowerBook, XServe, and Power Mac G4

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Posted by ShaoLin Microsystems on Monday December 02nd, 2002 11:40:31 PM
ShaoLin Microsystems Limited, the leading of Linux systems and solutions developer, today released three fully updated new editions of ShaoLin Aptus, the simplified Linux workstation deployment and management solutions. They included ShaoLin Aptus 2.0 Small Business edition, Professional edition and School edition, which all are built upon the "Enterprise Evolution Award" winning product, ShaoLin Aptus 2.0. These ShaoLin Aptus packages contained the optimized features and functions which fit for all different size of organizations and provided customers the flexible selections based on their needs now.
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Posted by ShaoLin on Sunday January 05th, 2003 11:57:41 PM

(Hong Kong and Austin, Texas - 6 January 2003) ShaoLin Microsystems Limited, an award winning provider of distributed computing solutions and NeTraverse, the leading provider of software solutions enabling Windows applications hosting on the Linux platform, announced today a strategic alliance. ShaoLin incorporates NeTraverse's Win4Lin Terminal Server to deliver the perfect migration platform linking Windows applications to Linux. By combining Win4Lin with ShaoLin Aptus, users can now operate the full range of Windows applications, and organizations can leverage the powerful advantages of Linux while preserving their investment in Windows-based applications.

"Migrating from Windows to Linux is a big change for any organization. Improved system reliability and cost savings are realized because of stability, improved management, and increased productivity. NeTraverse products are a critical part of this strategy, offer ing a migration path for familiar Windows applications to Linux. Just as important as the applications is the ability to manage this environment, ShaoLin Aptus products are invaluable in making the administration of Linux desktops manageable, and the scaling of computing systems." said Mark R. Hinkle, Vice President of NeTraverse.

"In cooperation with NeTraverse, ShaoLin clients are now able to run popular Windows applications with excellent performance on the Linux platform with no additional hardware and no need to dual boot." said David Chow, Managing Director of ShaoLin Microsystems."Our objective is to provide organizations with the most reliable and manageable Linux desktop solution. More and more enterprises are looking for ways to migrate to Linux, ShaoLin Aptus in combination with Win4Lin Terminal Server enhances systems reliability, improves productivity and reduces the cost of desktop management. Win4Lin provides a more stable, resource-efficient method of running Windows while providing the security and performance advantages of Linux."

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Posted by ShaoLin Microsystems on Monday January 13th, 2003 03:30:00 AM

(Hong Kong and St. Paul, Minnespolis - 13 January 2003) ShaoLin Microsystems Limited, an award winning provider of distributed computing solutions and CodeWeavers, a leading Windows-to-Linux software developer, today announced a strategic alliance partnership. CodeWeavers and ShaoLin joined forces to give a boost to the acceptance of the Linux desktop, particularly in enterprise environments whereby CrossOver and ShaoLin are combining to enhance the capabilities of bridging windows applications to Linux on the desktop deployment and management in enterprise computing environments.

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